Video of a Porsche car, (Video Porsche a14 wypadek), which met an accident on a German highway is going viral on Twitter.

Watch Video Porsche a14 wypadek | Video of Porsche accident on a German highway goes Viral on Internet

A group of Polish pilots operating oversize transport witnessed an exceptionally drastic accident yesterday. Porsche a14 wypadek the driver of a Porsche convertible died in it, suffering the so-called decapitation, i.e. literally cutting off the head.

The pilots were not only the first to discover the driver’s gruesome injuries but also had to brake his car. The vehicle was still rolling on the road and gaining speed due to the slope of the road.

Two recordings were made, which have been circulating on the web since yesterday and many of you have probably already seen them. you can watch the video here.

However, due to the extremely drastic nature of these videos, I decided not to post them here.

But how did this accident happen? Let me start by explaining that everything took place on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, around 0.40 am, on the German A14 motorway, at the Halle-Peißen junction.

According to the findings reported by the German media, such as the local portal “Dubist Halle”, the Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet tried to overtake the oversize transport by driving a separate lane intended for exiting or entering the motorway.

During this maneuver, however, the driver lost control of the vehicle, and the car skidded and hit the barriers. However, from people involved in the transport of “size” you can hear a slightly different, much more accurate scenario.

According to him, the Porsche started overtaking, although the pilots tried to close the lane, preventing passage.

At the same time, the fast-moving car caught on the elements of the transport, including the wide load marking protruding to the side, usually mounted on a metal bracket (commonly referred to as the “dimension”).

It was this impact that led to the beheading of the driver of the convertible.

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