Twitter is livid over a viral video of a man stripping a harassing couple:

On Tuesday night, Twitter is livid over a viral video of a man stripping a harassing couple. A video of the couple being abused and attacked was spread on social media. The main suspects, identified as Usman Mirza, and his accomplices were arrested after a shocking video of his attack. Some legal action has already been taken.

Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqat also confirmed the arrests. You have asked social media users to stop sharing disturbing videos and remove them.

In an earlier tweet, DC said the video of the incident was “a few months old”. Shortly after the video went viral, many expressed shock, anger and called on the authorities to set an example for the criminals.

This act should not go unpunished. There are ethical/moral boundaries that cannot should not/must not be crossed in any circumstances. Power and $$$ do not give anybody entitlement over anyone! #ArrestUsmanMirza

— Zahid Ahmed (@zahidahmed_) July 7, 2021

U blame women for being raped cuz of their clothes, reject bills that will punish domestic abusers n now men go around raping girls n make videos of it. This 1 is in our capital city. A few kilometres from ur home Mr President @ImranKhanPTI its time for a change #ArrestUsmanMirza

— Ali Gul Pir (@Aligulpir) July 6, 2021

We would urge everyone on social media to not share videos related to the #ArrestUsmanMirza incident, especially those that reveal the identity of survivors. Despite our noble intentions, the videos staying up only serve to retraumatise the survivors of sexual assault.

— Nighat Dad (@nighatdad) July 7, 2021

It took that woman’s traumatizing moment to go viral on Twitter for everyone to see to get that man arrested months after that incident happened. That’s the humiliation it takes for a woman to get an ounce of justice in Pakistan.#ArrestUsmanMirza

— ali (@patchfacee) July 6, 2021

Islamabad Inspector General of Police Qazi Jameel-ur-Rehman immediately ordered the operation of the SSP to arrest the criminal as soon as the video, in which Mirza was also seen insulting the boy.

“There is a registered case against the suspects and other legal proceedings have been instituted,” said a police official.

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