What is Paint and Sip?

Paint & Sip is an art industry which organizes painting lessons for groups alongside a delicious dose of Beverages & wine. The industry has been very popular since 2007.

Sip and Paint Viral Video:

An explicit video shot inside paint and sip is going viral all over internet and for a good reason because the video shows a guy and a lady doing some personal stuff in not so personal environment.

You guessed it right, a women is seen s&çk!ng D!*k of a guy in broad light. The woman is sitting on her chair while the guy taking some massage at his private part is standing right beside her.

We respect your curiosity so we will save you the trouble of trying to find the clip.

Twitter users reaction on Sip and paint video:

The viral video is getting some hilarious reaction from social media.

Overnight it has suddenly become a favorite topic for memers and people have been posting some hilarious tweets regarding the video.

While some people mind find this clip a perfect meme material, others might find it very bold.

Generally this kind of act is considered taboo in the eyes of majority of the people.

However some might say it’s their freedom of action and they are bold that they don’t care for what people might think.

Afterall they aren’t disturbing anyone and just enjoying their time. What do you guys think about it?

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