An extremely gifted singer, dancer, and actress named Yrma Lydya was killed by her own husband Gamboa Jimenez. The Mexican mariachi musician who allegedly killed Yrma Lydya in the CDMX restaurant is said to be the singer’s husband. The incident occurred at the intersection of Torres Adalid and Avenida Magdalena on June 23, when the guy entered the Suntory restaurant in Mexico City’s Del Valle and began firing at his wife. Her death was caused by her own husband, Jesus Hernandez Alcocer, who was 79 at the time.

Singer Yrma Lydya Gamboa Was Killed by her husband Gamboa Jimenez in a restaurant in Mexico City

Yrma Lydya Killed By Husband Gamboa Jimenez

Before a few weeks, Yrma Lydya had announced that she was going to collaborate with some famous musicians, and she also announced to team up with the “Great Goddesses Twelve.” This is a group of cheerful vocalists from Mexico. The “Great Goddesses Twelve” had also performed at the Mexico City Arena, and Mara Conchita Alonso, Mara del Sol, Dulce, Alicia Villareal, Angela Carrasco, and Jeanette are the famous artists of the “Great Goddesses Twelve”.

Who was Yrma Lydya?

Yrma Lydya was born in 1992 in Mexico Metropolis, Mexico. She left the world at the age of 30 in the year 2022. Yrma Lydya grew up in Mexico with her parents, her mother is TBA, and her father is identified as Carlos Quinones. Although not much of her information is available on the internet. At the age of 6, Yrma Lydya started to move toward singing, and her interest started to develop more in singing. It was the time when Yrma Lydya realized that she loves ranchera music and mariachi. Till the age of 21, she developed herself to achieve the heights of her career and gained massive support when she started to sing professionally.

Jesus Hernandez Alcocer and singer Yrma Lydya got married. It was discovered that the deceased was the well-known singer Yrma, and that her death was caused by her own husband, Jesus Hernandez Alcocer, who was 79 at the time.

Who Is Yrma Lydya Husband Gamboa Jimenez?

Yrma Lydya was a Mexican singer and artist. She had the experience of 11 years in the musical trade. Yrma Lydya is considered to have left a legendary history behind her. According to some of her fans, she is god gifted singer, dancer, and actress, who was amazingly experienced in ballet and singing. Yrma Lydya respectively obtained the doctorate from the chamber of Deputies and Nationwide prize for the tradition, she received the prize from the senate of the republic.

Yrma Lydya: Age, Edad, Biografia

However, she earned many honors for her beautiful performance. Yrma Lydya made her appearances with Fiesta Mexicana, Matutino Categorical, Reventon Musical, toros, Sol y Sobra, and a few more on the television. The sudden death of the singer and actress Yrma Lydya has shocked all of her fans her family members and friends, making all of them traumatized. The recent tragedy has shocked the entire world.

Yrma Lydya, Age, Husband, Career, Death

Name Yrma Lydya
Age 25
Profession Singer
Birth Place Mexico
Nationality Mexico
Instagram @yrma_lydya
Facebook @cuarzon1



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