The View co-host Sara Haines and her husband Max Shifrin share sons Caleb, 2, and Alec, 5, plus daughter Sandra, 3½

Sara Haines Husband & Kids

Sara Haines found one key to getting her husband to assist with their kids.

The View co-host, 44, shares three children together with her lawyer husband Max Shifrin — sons Caleb Joseph, 2, and Alec Richard, 5, plus 3½-year-old daughter Sandra Grace — and on Thursday’s episode of the chat show, Haines joked about using sex as a ploy to urge Shifrin to place their kids to bed in the dark when she’s exhausted.

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“I turned to Max and that I just said, ‘I’m willing to possess transactional deals with you if you’ll just put the youngsters to bed please,’ ” she said with amusing. “That’s about how romantic the suggestion felt too: ‘I can pay you in other things, other currency if you plow ahead and put those kids to bed.’ ”

Co-host Joy Behar said, “So you see it as a bartering system?”

“If that’s what he needs, and this is often what I want, I feel it seems like an ideal solution,” responded Haines.

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Sara Haines Husband And Kids

Back in February, Haines talked about being a working mom during a Q&A session on her Instagram Story, explaining why she feels her family is complete with three little ones.

When one follower asked, “More babies for you? Or is three enough LOL,” she replied: “I would love 10 more!!!! But 3 is all I can handle while being my best version for every one of them.

Haines also explained what she feels as being the “best” and “worst” parts about being a working mother too. “Best part = feeling more energized and assured as a result of my work,” she wrote at the time. “Worst part = the guilt of your time faraway from them.”

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When another fan asked, “How does one balance all the items on your plate?!? you want to be superhuman?” Haines replied, “I’m not…I can promise you that. I even have my days where I’m unstoppable then thereon. then subsequent, I feel overwhelmed. Just doing my best like everyone else.”

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