Santiago Millán Montes (born 13 September 1968, in Barcelona), professionally known as Santi Millán, is a Spanish actor, showman, and television presenter. Millán in 2010.

Who are Santi Millan and Marita Alonso? Leaked Video Viral Online On Twitter Leave Reddit Scandalized

A video of them has been seen on the internet where the couple was seen to be making love to each other. This left the fans shocked as there were no hints of them being together and now this bomb was dropped on them suddenly. But is it only a ruse or are they dating?

Santi Millan Leaked Video Explained

The man seen in the video of intimate scenes is rumored to be Santi Millan, also a host of a popular show in Spain. Some are even saying that Millan deleted his Instagram account soon after the video went viral and that his other social media accounts were also deleted. But, we checked for this information and it turned out to be false. All of his accounts were active and running and anyone can see the posts.

There is also a blonde female that has been seen alongside the man looking like Millan, however, her identity has not been revealed. However, there have been circulations of the identities of many girls that are linked to Millan.

Santi Millan Leaked Video Viral on Reddit

The couple was seen making out in front of the mirror and the video seems to be recorded with a cell phone. The man in the video has been holding the phone while the woman is making love to the man.

The length of the video of them making out is about 45 seconds long. But, the video was allegedly deleted by the original owner of the account that uploaded the video. Sharing private information and someone’s personal life on the Internet is illegal and the person can sue the person sharing the information.

The identity of Marita Alonso was only an assumption that was made by the people who had watched the video. This was the reason that people started to think that the duo had started dating and are now in a real relationship.

Another leaked video is now a hot topic on the internet. As a video got viral on the Facebook & Twitter of Santi Millan who was the host of Sapin Got Talent in which he was with an unknown woman and people are searching for his videos on the internet to find out who is he with. He has been in the spotlight because of this viral video. If you want to know the details about his viral video and with who his video got viral you might have come to the right place. So, Let’s have a look.

Recently, a video of the host of the popular show Spain Got Talent is leaked the video is of 45 seconds and he was with an unknown woman. Santi was married to Rosa Olucha who passed away he is also a father of two children Rut & Marc. According to the information, the women also have a husband. Santi was preparing for the show and now he has to suffer from this. People are now desperate to see his video we will share the link to that viral video.

The leaked video of him contains some intimate scenes and that video is just for a minute. People are now assuming that she should be his girlfriend, as his wife is not anymore so maybe he builds a connection with her. His video was firstly viral on Facebook & Reddit. His leaked video is also available on youtube, people are now questioning him that he is married and also has two children, how could he do that. The media is also calling to take his interview to know more about the leaked video, but he is not giving any response. This leaked video can also make a bad impact on his career.

According to the information, an ABC newspaper tried to make contact with him to take his interview on that leaked video, but he refused to talk with them and said he is not supposed to comment and he does not have an idea of the laws and terms and he doesn’t know how he should handle this matter. People are thinking that now the host of Spain Got Talent will be changed after his leaked video.

Watch Santi Millan Viral Video:

If you are curious to watch Santi Millan’s video then you may follow this link.


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