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Russian Soldier Alexey Bychkov Video On Reddit All About Rape Of Toddlers!


As per the recent reports, Alexey Bychkov was a Russian soldier, who is accused of rapping a 1-year-old toddler in Ukraine after which his name is on trending all over the Internet. Let us learn more about this case.

ALEXEY BYCHKOV VIDEO – Russian soldier raped a 1 year old – Explained

  • A Russian soldier has been arrested for filming himself sexually abusing a baby 
  • The soldier reportedly was part of Russia’s operations in Ukraine
  • Russia has been accused of war crimes in Ukraine

Alexey Bychkov was a member of the armed force in the Russian Federation who is now trending all over the Internet. The news of his deed video has gone viral on the Internet, and many people call for him to be punished.

Therefore, this is a case of humidity in a small baby in the video and netizens are drawing and comment delete comments where it also starts getting viral on the Internet.

However, that thing which has been done to him has caused still on social media where he was seen sexually assaulting a little boy who was around 1 year old and he used to live like a toddler in Ukraine.

Russian Soldier Alexey Bychkov Video Reddit Exposed

After sharing a video of him sexually abusing a one-year-old toddler in Ukraine, Aleksey Bychkov has developed into a social media sensation. As per the sources, the clip was shared using Telegram.

According to the accusation, Alexey Bychkov allegedly insulted and violated the toddler in the film whereas calling it a brutal video. As a finish end result, Alexey has been labeled a pedophile, enraged netizens.

Therefore, the data information on Bychkov’s arrest has however to make the rounds on the net. He devoted a heinous crime that warrants life in jail or the demise penalty, and people are prepared for added particulars to emerge.


For the time being, solely folks on the net are expressing their displeasure with the particular person and the video Bychkov made.

Has He Rapped Toddler?

There is video of evidence that Alexey Bychkov rapping a toddler and then shooting him. In reality, Bychvkov submitted the video on Telegram himself about it.

No further government was found as evidence but the media is not reporting the incident and the citizens are bringing the sea shoe to the social media so it the attention of more and more people.

People are bursting out of anger and showing their frustration on social media where they are saying to track him if any possible condition but it has not been proven that this news is accurate or not.

Who Is Alexey Bychkov?

Talking about personal life, Alexey Bychkov was a Russian soldier who has uploaded many photos in military uniform and his profile. Alexey same to be attacked killed all the young childrens and people are twitting.

Moreoever they also expressing their anger about him where people were sudden and this hard and also giving him the name of Evil.

Apart from this, further detailed information about him is yet to be published.


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