Petition Filed In Supreme Court For Ban On Tik Tok:

An application has been filed in the Supreme Court to ban Tik Tok.
The petitioner contended that the Tik Tok app was promoting crime, with people uploading videos using drugs and weapons on Tik Tok.

Tik Tok Faces Strong Criticism For Violating Privacy Laws:-

China’s short video sharing app Tik Tok has been sharply criticized by the European Union’s consumer organization for violating privacy laws and failing to hide hidden advertisements and inappropriate content from children.
According to the international news agency, the European Union’s consumer organization “BEUC” has heaped complaints against Tok. Tik Tok may also face sanctions on the recommendations of a powerful EU group.
The EU consumer group BEUC, citing a number of issues in its complaints, said Tik Tok violated privacy laws and that measures to protect the app’s personal information were flawed.
The European Consumer Group added that Tik Tok has also failed to hide inappropriate advertisements and inappropriate content from children and adolescent users and is unable to comply with its own terms of service.

Petition Filed In Supreme Court For Ban On Tik Tok:

According to the BEUC, the company’s procedures for processing users’ personal data on Tik Tok are misleading, vague, and ambiguous, while the copyright-terms are equally unfair.
In addition to the European Union’s BEUC, consumer organizations in 15 other countries have issued alerts to their authorities, urging them to comply.
“We always value consumer feedback and we have contacted the BEUC to hear their concerns,” said a spokesman for Tik Tok on consumer complaints. Welcome to the meeting.
A spokesman for Tik Tok added that it had developed an “in-app” summary of its privacy policy to make it easier for teens to understand their position on privacy.
The petitioner pleaded that the use of Tik Tok in educational institutions was detrimental to the environment, that people were also making videos of suicide attempts to get views on Tik Tok, so it should be banned and the government should censor the content. Order to create a mechanism for.

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