Onlyhitgoats Twitter: Another Twitter account is trending on Twitter for posting NSFW content. Onlyhitgoats is ranked on social media for its explicit content. Stay with NewPakWeb to explore more about onlyhitgoats. 

Onlyhitgoats Twitter:

@onlyhitgoats is an account on Twitter created in May 2021. The account has 23.1K followers and follows one user only. In the bio, you can find a link to its Only-fans page. “Only hit the goats from coast to coast” is a bio of this account.

Onlyhitgoats Twitter Video:

The account onlyhitgoats is posting NSFW material. The account has very few posts. Recently the user pinned one of the videos on Twitter handle with the caption “I think I die but alive this day” and mentioned @miinamariie_. On all the posts the user mentioned @miinamarie. The mentioned account has been suspended by Twitter. But the backup account @itsbigmiina is still active. Onlyhitgoats Twitter Video which is also labeled as”itsbigmiina video” link is here.

Who is @itsbigmiina?

@itsbigmiina or miina is a Twitter user with 91K followers and 12 followers. Miina Marie’s Only-Fans page link is also mentioned in the bio of this Twitter page. The user mentioned in the bio to turn post notifications on. She also told her fans that her previous account was deleted at 460K followers.

The whole account contains expl1cit material. The account has 129 total tweets. Short clips of OnlyFans have been posted in an account. One of the videos is pinned on this backup account with the caption “F*** me like this 2021.”

As the itsbigmiina Twitter account contains NSFW content, NewPakWeb will not upload any of its videos here BUT we can provide you the link to watch the videos by simply go to this link.

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