Ocean Pabon del Hijo De Molusco goes viral after the release of his controversial video.  

Ocean Pabon is a popular influencer and social media personality. He is active on Instagram with the handle @oceanpabon and has around 89.5 thousand followers on his name. Lately, Pabon has been a vital subject on social media like Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook following the release of his video.

The son of Molusco, Ocean Pabon has gone trending on social media after sharing a controversial video.

According to the netizens, the video showcased him doing an activity that should be private. Indeed, for now, it is being searched by many. However, the original video could not be discovered in any of the media.

The witnesses of the video have described it as vulgar and inappropriate for the age group.  It is because Ocean Pabon was seen being intimate with himself in life.

What happened to Ocean Pabon?

The son of Molusco, Ocean Pabon was seen being intimate with himself in his recent video.

Following this, the netizens are criticizing the young boy and his father as well. Meanwhile, some are also criticizing the viewers who have seen the video.

@____In the_ on Twitter has stated: “Those who saw the video knowing that it is from Ocean Pabón and that he is UNDERAGE and those who are asking, are just as pigs or worse than the one who watered it. DISGUSTING.”

Similarly, @ knatal07 has tweeted: “The number of people who have put “I want to see that vid of Ocean Pabón ” is really disgusting Bastards, that’s a kid.”

“We still have a lot to learn, the fact that the Son of Mollusk touches his rear part does not make him Gay, there is their g-spot. LEARN NOW! * WHAT IS WRONG IS THE RECORDING * But who hasn’t done that? Hypocrisy! #oceanpabon calm down we are human.”, writes @CastroMaryvette on Twitter.

Who Is Ocean Pabon’s Girlfriend?

Ocean Pabon does have a girlfriend, however, the young man has not introduced her properly to his fans.


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A post shared by Molusco (@yosoymolusco)

At present,  Pabon is trying to follow in the footstep of his dad Mollusk, who is a famous PR. His dad is active as @yoymollusco on Instagram and has a total of 2.3 million followers.


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