Nelly apologizes for private video being uploaded on Instagram (Image via Instagram/nelly)
Nelly apologizes for private video being uploaded on Instagram (Image via Instagram/nelly)

Rapper Nelly was forced to issue an apology after he was trending on Twitter on February 8. An intimate video of him was posted on his Instagram stories, leaving his 3.3 million followers in shock. Since the video went viral online, Twitter has exploded with a slew of memes regarding the same.

Nelly’s IG video takes over Twitter Trending Page | Nelly apologised | Nelly Viral Video on Instagram

Though the rapper’s face was not visible in the video, one could recognize the performer by his voice. The clip was later deleted from his Instagram stories, however fans had gotten hold of the video.

Cornell Iral Haynes Jr., aka Nelly, apologized through TMZ. He said:

“I sincerely apologize to the young lady and her family, this is unwanted publicity for her/them.”

The rapper added that the video was meant to be private and was never supposed to have gone online.

Nelly’s recent Instagram story leaves Twitter in a frenzy

As the video was watched by many, Nelly’s representatives issued a statement saying that his phone was hacked. The hackers reportedly broke into his personal data, leaving sensitive information including financial statements in the wrong hands.

A few reactions to the video included:

Rapper’s past controversies explained

The rapper made headlines last month after being critical of Madonna’s lingerie shoot. He said on social media that “some things should be covered up,” in reference to her. Netizens immediately fired at the singer for his opinion.

The Austin, Texas-native also has a string of s*xual assault allegations following him. A woman named Monique Greene accused the rapper of assault and refused to cooperate with the police. She eventually dropped the charges but went on to pursue a defamation case against him.

In 2019, another woman accused the rapper of the same. Hip Hop DX reported that the rapper and the alleged victim “recently settled their dispute.” The terms of their agreement or money exchange have not been made public.

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