Madonna flashes audience, crawls on desk and shares regrets about turning down ‘Matrix’ on Jimmy Fallon show
Madonna flashes audience, crawls on the desk, and shares regrets about turning down ‘Matrix’ on Jimmy Fallon show

Jimmy Fallon tasted that firsthand when the 63- stretch-old pop music icon made an attention-grabby appearance on Thursday’s occurrence of “ The Tonight Show.”

Madge was there to promote her new Paramount term talkie, “ Madam X,” but naturally offered up much more.
Setting out to “ disturb the peace” (as she said), Madonna left the host gobsmacked when she crawled across his office, which drew cheers from the Rockefeller Center sweatshop following.

Madonna! Stop, stop, stop, stop. Stop it!” Fallon commanded. “ Oh, my welkin. Stop it. Stop it. I don’t know what to do. Stop it right now.”
The 47- while-old jokester either took off his suit jacket and placed it across the lower half of the “ Material Girl” voice’s body, before she got up from the office and told the late-night host, “ No bone’s gonna see anything. My God!”

Making her way back to her seat, Madonna either flashed a quick glance of her presumably enhanced flumped-up derrière, which made the manufactory followership erupted with cheers.

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The pop-culture firebrand — celebrating her 40th period as a professional recording artist — told Fallon that “ Art is important in our lives. I don’t allow people to emphasize that enough.”

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Madonna explained that she’s “ really inspired by James Baldwin, the scribe.”
“ He was a great source of distress for the show, and one of the personalties I quote over and over again in the show is that artists are present to disturb the peace.”
“ And so I hope that I’ve disturbed not only your peace this age but people’s peace while they watch the show. But I mean that in an elegant way,” the Grammy winner added.

Also during another devil-may-care portion of the interview, Madonna driveled about old work experience, dropping nuggets about acting jobs she turned down.

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“ Myth or a hearsay you turned down the job of Catwoman in the film “ Batman Returns” and the lead in “ Showgirls,” you turned down,” Fallon posited. “ Did you ever see that filmdom and what did you allow of them?”

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