Madison Cawthorn Leaked Photos and Videos

Madison Cawthorn is currently 26 years old and he hails from North Carolina. He was raised in a Baptist church located in Henderson County, North Carolina. Moreover, he built his political image and personality with the help of Christian principles and also by giving importance to hyper-masculinity. Once he also delivered excessive comments on a podcast in Washington about sexual perversions, but later he admitted that his comments were excessive due to which he got people’s disapproval and bitterness from his fellow Republicans and Leader Kevin McCarthy. Now he has become a subject of town once again by the release of a string of his leaked pictures.

Madison Cawthorn lingerie Photos and Videos

Madison Cawthorn is getting the heat of the media’s limelight in his first re-election bid ahead of the North Carolina primary which is on May 17. Madison Cawthorn will face seven opponents in the race who see him as vulnerable. His leaked pictures are currently trending on the internet, POLITICO is observing the origin of his pictures but as of now, it has not been able to track the origin of the images.

According to the source, these pictures were provided to POLITICO by an individual who is close to Madison Cawthorn in his campaign. While another person confirmed the source of the images. But the date of the pictures is not known. Moreover, it is apparent that Madison Cawthorn is in a wheelchair indicating that these pictures were taken shortly after his accident that happened back in 2014. Now his opponents are taking the advantage of his viral pictures and damaging his political image.

Twitter users Reacted to the leaked video of Madison Cawthorn


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