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On September 18, 2022, Polish Twitter flooded with memes and reactions to an insane video clip, known as Krosno film or Krosno video.

The viral “Krosno video” shows a guy offering carrots to three people one by one. Two of them accept to eat the carrot while the third refuses. The viral video is also labeled as “krosno video menel.”

Watch Twitter krosno Film – Chlopaki Z krosna – krosno Film – Chłopaki Z krosna

Krosno Menel Video:

In the purported video, a group of 4 boys is doing some private act. One boy who is standing asks the other 3 guys (who are sitting in front of him) to eat his banana.

2 boys accepted his offer and give him a quick head while the 3rd one declined his friend’s offer. The video took no time to circulate on the internet.

Watch Krosno video:

If you are curious to watch the Krosno Video Menel on Twitter and photos then you may follow this link.

Twitter Reaction:

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