Nowadays, private videos from the common public to celebrities keep getting leaked. These kinds of videos quickly go viral on social media and heat the atmosphere. Needless to say, plenty of videos have gotten leaked in the past. It seems like it will not stop anytime soon. Another user has been sweeping attention from the netizens following the leak. Yes, we are talking about Kingqurannewpage. The user has become the talk of the town ever since his leaked video surfaced. Everyone seems to talk about him and the video. Check details here.

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Queen Cheryl and King Quran Mccain

Kingqurannewpage Twitter  – Kingqurannewpage Leaked Video Explored 

As per reports, Kingqurannewpage is a well-known TikTok personality. His real name is speculated to be Quran McCain. Although he is popularly known as King Quran. The 24-year-old man first became a hot topic after he got engaged to a 61-year-old woman Cheryl McGregor. Yes, you read the right. The young man has been in a romantic relationship with first an old woman. The pair first met when Quran was just 15.

However, they did not have romantic feelings for each other then. The pair started dating last year only and since then they have been garnering attention. Cheryl, who is a grandmother-of-17, said that the hateful comments do not upset her. The pair keep sharing their dating life on social media and have recently announced that they will be starting an Onlyf account together where they will be sharing NSFW content. Despite the age difference, the couple loves each other a lot and it happens to affect the haters.

The pair frequently get upsetting messages and comments slamming their relationship but keeping those aside, they are living a happy life. Also, the family of the grandma is against the relationship and has expressed their denial plenty of times. Now, it is coming forward that a private video has gotten leaked on social media that features Cheryl Mcgregor and Quran McCain. The clip has shaken everyone to the core.

Kingqurannewpage’s video has been creating a lot of buzz on social media and has been garnering the attention of the netizens to it. Although not much information about the clip is known yet, it is reported that it contains inappropriate and adult content. Well, this is also the reason why it has become the talk of the town. The duo is seen doing some inappropriate stuff in the viral clip that has taken over the internet. Follow for more such updates.



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