Hand Dryer Bladw Video On TikTok Sparks Fear Among People From Public Washrooms Hand Dryers: A strange TikTok video sparked fear among the people, and now they are hesitating to use hand dryers. Yes, the ongoing TikTok viral video is about a hand dryer. Some TikTok consumers claimed that seeing a viral video of a blade from a hand dryer unlocked their phobia. This is why people on TikTok are showing interest in a video featuring a hand dryer. Now netizens and some innocent TikTok users are perplexing if hand dryers are suitable to use or if they are risky. Meanwhile, we have tried to give you an explanation of the viral hand dryer video. So scroll down the page for more details and updates.

Hand Dryer Bladw Video On TikTok Sparks Fear Among People From Public Washrooms Hand Dryers

Hand Dryer Blade Video:

After seeing the viral blade hand dryer video many netizens have unlocked their manussiccusphobia (the fear of hand dryers) while many users have taken it as a funny video.

What is in the video?

According to the source, many people have started refraining from using hand dryers in washrooms as they have been feared after seeing the viral TikTok video. According to the source, a video of a hand dryer with a blade is trending on social media. The filthy video shows a hand dryer covered in blood and the hand dryer releases a sharp blade. Scroll down the page for more information.

Hand Dryer Blade TikTok Video:

The video shows a hand dryer with blades gets activated by lowering the hand under the dryer then the dryer starts blowing warm air on the hands and then suddenly blades come out from the dryer to cut them. This is the reason people have been feared after watching the video. In addition, the blood-coated hand dryer also stressed them.

Who posted this video?

At this time it is not known who shared it first on TikTok as it has been shared numerous times from plenty of accounts. Scroll down the page to learn if the ongoing viral hand dryer video is real or not.

@am_edits104 glad this trend came back tbh #as #adultswim #handdryer #handdryers #handryer #edits #edit #follow ♬ original sound – AM_Edits104

Hand Dryer Blade Video Viral TikTok Twitter Reddit:

Reportedly, the ongoing viral hand dryer video is not real. Yes, the hands-in-blade hand dryer’s video is a well-crafted animated video that shows blades are cutting hands. Despite being an animated video this video has gained 13 million views on TikTok with 1.8 million likes. As of now, more than 41,000 comments have been made on this video. Many also claimed that someone crafted this video to develop a fear of using hand dryers.

@alxx..edits [AS] #handdryer #as #fyp #fypシ #wentviral #viral #likes #views ♬ original sound – AM_Edits104

Watch the Hand Dryer Bladw video on TikTok.


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