Gonoxeboz video is getting viral on Twitter and TikTok and people are reacting to the viral video which shows three nuns getting arrested by police officers.

Watch Gonoxeboz Nun Video – Who is Gonoxeboz Twitter?

According to details, a video is trending online which shows three nuns in white dress getting searched and then arrested by police officers in Chicago. The four minute video was shared by a Twitter account “Gonoxeboz” who sharef a screenshot with the link of actual video on his website.

Screenshot image of Gonoxeboz Twitter page shows he created account in April 2023 and he has only 768 followers

However, the purported video has been uploaded on several other websites. But as of now, Gonoxeboz Twitter account is trending on TikTok and he shared the complete procedure for watching the full nuns video in a tweet.

Gonoxeboz is a newly created Twitter account which was created in April 2023. He has only 768 followers as of now. But his tweet has beem seen by over a hundred thousand people.

Gonoxeboz is a Twitter user and he is active on all of his social accounts like Instagram and Twitter. And he has grabbed a huge following ship.

An exp!lt video has captured the public’s consideration. The video is currently trending on social media.

Few of you may have seen Gonoxeboz’s video but still, many netizens are searching for the viral video.

 Who is Gonoxeboz Twitter?

There are many searches about Gonoxeboz on Social media platforms, especially on Twitter. He is uploading different NSFW content. And people are reacting to the video posted on her Twitter page.

Watch Gonoxeboz Nun Video:

If you are curious to watch Gonoxeboz Nun videos then you may follow this link.

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