Couch Guy Viral TikTok video original – Lauren Zarras TikTok video with Couch Guy ‘Robbie’
Couch Guy Viral TikTok video original – Lauren Zarras TikTok video with Couch Guy ‘Robbie’
  • Divan Guy is presently trending on social media after a TikTok tape of him and his inamorata gone viral on TikTok
  • People have been divided over Divan hombre viral tape and multifold are partaking correspondent tapes
  • The tape in question is an amazing reunion tape of Robbie ( Divan hombre) and his inamorata ‘ Lauren Zarras. ’
  • The original Name of the Divan Guy is ‘ Robbie ’
  • Lounge joe vid was partaken on TikTok by his lady ‘ Lauren Zarras ’ who mugged herself while trying to surprise Robbie with an unexpected reunion
  • Lauren Zarras TikTok vid, popularly known as Lounge joe TikTok vid has entered over 27 million views so far.

Couch Guy Viral TikTok


Couch guy TikTok video is currently trending on social media and hundreds of people are sharing similar reunion videos following the TikTok trend. But if you don’t know “who the Couch guy is”, we will explain all about the Couch guy, his girlfriend Lauren Zarras, and the viral TikTok video of them.

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According to details, earlier last week of September 2021, a girl, Lauren Zarras, TikTok ID@laurenzarras, posted a videotape on TikTok which went social media sensation with 27 million views on the videotape. The videotape went popular on TikTok and other social media platforms with the ticket of “ Squab man TikTok videotape ” and people are responding to the videotape with vilifying and parodies.


The viral Squab man TikTok videotape shows Lauren Zarras enters into a room where her swain Robbie, now popular as Squab boy, was sitting along with his pals.
The videotape further shows that as Lauren enters the room, she sees her swain Robbie sitting on a squab between two girls. Notwithstanding, she advances towards him with open arms until Robbie gets up and hugs her.
Lauren Zarras videotaped this tape with the help of a friend and her motive behind this tape was to surprise her beau with an abrupt reunion and record his answer after seeing her suddenly.

While posting the tape on TikTok, She wrote in the description “ Robbie had no idea. ” Meanwhile, she wrote in the caption of the tape “ surprising my beau at the association. ” Watch Lauren Zarras TikTok tape ( Chesterfield bastard TikTok tape) below.

People Have been divided over Sofa Guy TikTok videotape
As soon as the viral Sofa male TikTok videotape appeared on FYP of TikTok and on other social media platforms, people began mooting over the videotape. Multitudinous people are arguing that the Sofa male was cheating on Lauren when she arrived there to surprise him. Multitudinous people are saying that she came to surprise him but she got the surprise after watching Robbie sitting on the sofa between two other girls.

The TikTok was overactive to see her man, but some of her following didn’t make her so convinced.

One comment with likes reads “ Bro is on the chesterfield with three other girls. ”

Another stoner whose comment racked up likes wrote “ I’ve nowise seen someone so unhappy to see their woman. ”
Others slammed him for not getting up incontinently, with some pointing out that the girl sitting coming to him appeared to scoot over once she entered the room.

While reacting to the Couch guy TikTok video, a Twitter user “Van” wrote: “What I’ve learned this week is that I will never trust any man who sits on a couch again. F you, couch guy…….

“ Half of TikTok is trying to find Brian Laundrie and the other half is trying to figure out if davenport gent is cheating on his GF who surprised him, ” wrote another Twitter dopehead.
One person wrote “ clearly allow the gent on TikTok on the davenport w the GF surprise visit is a cheater. ”

“ presently on the side of TikTok where everyone is making fun of “ davenport gent “ on other cute couple reunion tapes and it ’s so fucking funny, ” another dopehead added.

One Twitter doper wrote “ my fyp has been full of girls surprising their fellows at fellowship and all the commentary are just couch guy could nowise/ someone ship this to couch guy I hope the defaming nowise stops until the tooth is uncovered lmao. ”

See else replies over Lounge hombre TikTok tape, below.

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Lauren Zarras Defends her man Robbie
Following the parodies and inundation of negative exposition over her vid, Lauren Zarras was forced to respond and defend her relationship with the Settee joe.

The TikToker replied to several expositions defending her relationship before jutting a response reading “ Breaks my heart that people can watch a special moment and bring so important negativity. Please allow before you assume anything about my relationship. ”

In an alternative comment, she added “ As for the phone comment, his phone was in his leg. Thanks for the establishments nonetheless! And no I’m not in denial. ”

Several TikTokers sewed the tape giving their debates on her fellow’s reply.

In a follow-up tape, Lauren replied to a comment reading “ Am I tripping or did the girl hand him his phone under his arm as she walked in? His face says it all. ”
She said people are “ driving her crazy ” over the phone comment, and shows a frame-by-frame view of him with the phone in his hand.

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She also said she knows all the girls in the room and “ they are all so nice. ”
She added “ These analyses are just getting ridiculous and I don’t know why you guys are assuming so much about our relationship. I’m so happy and we’ve been doing the distance for over a cycle now. My beau and I are literally obsessed with each other and are in contact with each other every beat of the day. ”

Although she acted to have disbanded the phone hypothesis, the top comment with likes reads “ BRUH … I remember being this naive. ”
In her bottommost tape, she acted to take ambition at the determined commenters by posting an audio atom where Kourtney Kardashian tells her brother Kim to “ mind her business. ”

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Lauren Zarras has followers on TikTok until the affair of this composition. She has followers on Instagram. Notwithstanding, she made her Instagram account private after the negative analysis by the people on her viral TikTok tape.

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