Chrisean Rock Trending Her Tapes With Blueface On Instagram: Chrisean rock is trending on the internet at this time. In this article, we will talk about her personal details and her trending video.

Chrisean Rock and Blueface video viral Chrisean Rock Steals Blueface Phone on IG Live

Chrisean Rock and Blueface video viral Chrisean Rock Steals Blueface Phone on IG Live. Chrisean Rock video of her and Blueface having sex on her Instagram story. The Video goes viral on Twitter and Other Social Media.

Who is Chrisean rock?

She is a famous singer and musical artist. Not only a singer, but she is also a model and television personality. Chrisean is very popular for sharing her modeling pictures and lifestyle vlogs on social media. Apart from this, she also shares her music videos and song on her Youtube channel. Let me tell you that, Malone has also appeared in some TV series.

Chrisean Rock Family:

After researching a lot, we found that Chrisean was born into a large family. She was raised along with her 11 siblings in Baltimore. However, Rock does not reveal the names of her parents and siblings. According to a guess, her father is a serviceman and her mom is a homemaker. She was raised in poverty. Some media reports claim that Malone also suffered abuse as a child.

Chrisean Rock Husband, Boyfriend:

Chrisean is an open-minded lady. According to the reports, She started dating Blueface aka Jonathan Porter. Let me tell you that, Blueface is a famous rapper and singer. Not only this, but Blueface is also a former boxer. However, it is not confirmed when the couple started dating.

Career & Profession:

Chrisean is a famous singer and songwriter. She started focusing on her music profession after her high school graduation. She has also launched lots of singles and music videos. Some of her famous songs are Word to my brother, Lonely, Rainy Days, Adin Ross Disstrack, and others. Not only this, but she also released so many music videos on his Youtube channel.

Chrisean Rock video:

Chrisean Rock in relation with Blueface for a very long time however now she acquired and damaged up with Blueface as a result of her catching him once more with a TikTok influencer woman.

However, “Chrisean Rock” is now trending on Twitter because she posted a story on Instagram with Blueface and Chrisean Rock on a mattress not too long ago.

You must be curious to watch the original Blueface alleged video. To watch the purported video please follow this link.


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