Nowadays, many accounts have been created. Among them, some were useful while some were not. Almost 90 % of the time, accounts have been created for useless content. They are not gonna add value to people’s lives and not grow into any other individual. They are just looking to capture the attention of the people. 

Who Is Jerrythemouse39 On Twitter? Baldkio Twitter Video Roblox Leaked

The owners of the platforms were trying to delete those accounts which have adult, sexual or disturbing content. If someone was trying to upload it, then it will delete it automatically. Recently, an account named Jerrythemouse39 has been trending these days. Many people know this account with the other name and that is Yo_Nanay. Many people were familiar with this account and consume the content on a regular basis. In today’s article, we gonna share Yo_nanay’s Twitter video about Roblox.

His record title is,


Jerrythemouse39 Baldkio Twitter Video Roblox Leaked

Yo_Nanay is a well-known producer on Twitter now known for her animated Roblox Halloween video which has largely gone viral. She is a renowned video editor, content producer, and artist. Many were stunned by her work. She says that everything on the virtual stage is very encouraging and becomes the future. Whatever you see, write, or have fun with the VR will become in the future. Just wait for two to three years more. The result is in front of you. And she is right. Now, something was similar happen to him. Her Roblox Halloween thrill video went viral and people were expecting something different from her.

Who is Yo_Nanay?

Yo_Nanay was a verified user on Twitter. She doesn’t reveal her real in front of everyone. And she doesn’t reveal her face to the audience. She just posts the content on Twitter on a regular basis where her audience will like it and many were stunned after watching it.  Her verified account is circulating on the internet and many people searching for her real name. Just too curious to know who she was and where she lives. She has 12k followers on Twitter and every time she uploads posts on her verified Twitter account. Her family details, her schooling, and her real name all were unknown as of now.

Jerrythemouse39 & Baldkio: Wikipedia, Age & Net Worth

And If in case the video is reaching one million views it is considered to be medium viral and which will certainly be on your healthy floor of new followers and it will also boost your account and your status. Many people say that day on as much as dollar 10000 for a single to it but it is equal to earning dollar 72 per character in their tweets. Many people are there who are making a lot of amount of money from sponsoring tweets.

Watch the Original Baldkio Video:

If you are curious watch the Baldkio Twitter video by Following This Link.


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