When we are at the age of 20 we made the biggest mistakes and it is true because it is my personal life lesson.

9 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid In Your 20s “My Life Lesson”

Everyone over the age of 20 should think about what they did wrong. And where would he be today If he hadn’t made those mistakes? I will share my life lessons and other mistakes here. But I hope you find a lot to learn from this. Before reading this post, ask yourself a question. “What did you do last weekend? Did you check it out on Facebook? on Twitter? Talk about other people’s successes or anything else?

1: The First Error “It Is Not a Dream”.

When we are in our early twenties, we forget the big dream. This is one of the biggest mistakes we can make when we are young. We are plagued by a lack of money, and we get a job of ten thousand or more or less than an hour, forgetting to ask ourselves “where does this get me?”. Should you have this goal in mind where you see yourself in the next ten years? And yes, this is going to change. This will change weekly, or monthly. we must have that goal, and all our actions must be linked to bringing us to that goal. If you find a job, think about how this job can put me in that position.

My goal when I was in my early 20’s was to work with immigrants. So I applied to work in a souvenir shop. When people from other cities came to buy the souvenir. during the second day of this activity, I realized that I was not learning anything. I can’t do my English because most people come from China, Japan, and other non-English countries. We should therefore communicate with them through gestures, but not through good English language. I worked there for two weeks, after which I resigned.

They paid me a small amount of money but I felt very happy because I was wondering the question “is this putting me in my dream?” I looked at the people there, who were at the highest level of their work at that company, and asked myself “Do I want to be like them?” After that, my heart said “no way”.

Always look for the best people in the company you work for. Then ask yourself, “Do you want to be like everyone else in your life?” I just quit that job.

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2: Work Hard.

When we are in our twenties, we have a lot of energy. We are not tired. After working long hours, we need less time to regain our strength. and we are ready to come back again. I am 27 years old now. But I remember when I was twenty and I worked as a machine

I am 27 years old now. But I remember when I was in my twenties and I was working as a machine without getting too tired. I had lessons, exercise, and a lot of things. I started my own company at the age of 21 just because I was a major source in the industry. and that fountain was power. Use this source in production. Don’t waste it on trivial things like going to parties etc. Because once you have achieved your goal, you will have a whole life to enjoy.

3: Don’t be impatient.

Do not think that things have to happen right now. I can relate this to many fields. For example, when I was 15, some of my old friends were in a relationship. But I was not in a relationship. At times, I felt miserable. But something says “they were ready” but I didn’t expect it. I have to focus on developing my talent, as well as the subject. But not to find a relationship. It is the same thing when you are in your twenties and you see so many around you getting married. This does not mean that you should marry at that time.
Think of You. Ask yourself Am I ready have I achieved what I dreamed of? “Don’t just rush into family matters. In some lands, such as Pakistan, India, there is a lot of pressure to start a family early. But do not hurt yourself with this habit.

4: Compare Yourself With You Yesterday.

This is the only comparison you have to make. You go on social media and see a person walking every day, taking pictures of himself in beautiful places. After that, she starts thinking “ow I’m lucky to have a life like hers”. But you do not know much about that person on social media. Perhaps you are enjoying a parent’s wealth. or Maybe you walked a few hours and grabbed a place to post on social media. Don’t let yourself fall into any kind of hard ground. This will damage your personality and your talent. The time you spend comparing yourself with those people, you can use it to do something for you. Don’t waste time thinking, chatting with people.

5: Choosing Friends.

Error number five is that “we make friends with everyone”. Remember that everyone who shakes hands with you is not your friend. When I was in my early 20’s, I wanted to be with everyone. I wished I was everywhere. My grandfather once taught me that if someone called you and said “wait an hour or wait 30 minutes, I’ll go out with you”. After that, before yes, ask yourself, is there anything better I can do in this one hour, instead of waiting for him or staying with him? Try to earn better money for your time than wait and associate with someone who will not bring you anything in your life. I’m not saying that doesn’t make friends. But make those friends who can be really good friends and who are truly beneficial.

6: Health.

There is not much I can tell you about life. But I wish I had smoked less when I was just 18 years old. There are many temptations around you when you are in your twenties. Because the people around you will try many things, and they will attract you too. I started smoking because my friends smoke. And this was the worst mistake I could ever make.
If you are in your age group, you have this wonderful asset called time and an amazing asset called life. And together these two, you can win the world. You can take anyone if you have time and health. Because this allows you to work harder. This allows you to travel and this allows you to meet new people.

7: Communicating With Your Family.

Please do not lose contact with your family. for these are the people, who will take care of you when you are down. These are the people who will eliminate your anxiety. these people will empower you and will be praying for you. If you are away from your family now stop reading this post, then remove the phone. Call your family and ask them how they are doing. Believe me, this will make a big difference.

8: Bad Thoughts.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that they are too old to learn. They feel embarrassed to read to anyone younger than them. Remember that you will never stop learning. If you can’t learn things that add something to your success, believe me, Life will teach you a contradictory lesson and that will be difficult. Read also: How to stop negative thinking / Urdu.

9: Earth is too small.

Think twice before irritating someone. Do not take advantage of your current position, location, or status. because the earth is round. Today you annoy someone and think you have no problem, I will never need them. You are completely wrong. Time will tell you once in front of them and then you will be ashamed of what you have done with them in the past.

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