14-Year-Old Girl Killed In Amusement Park Denmark Roller Coaster Accident In Aarhus: After a tragic accident in the ride Cobraen in Tivoli Friheden in Aarhus, a 14-year-old girl died, while a 13-year-old boy sustained injuries. This is not the first time that a serious accident has occurred on this particular ride.

Denmark Amusement Park Rollercoaster Video – 14-Year-Old Girl Dies After Tragic Accident In Tivoli Friheden Aarhus

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A new tragedy 14-year-old girl killed in an amusement park Denmark roller coaster accident in Aarhus in an amusement park in Copenhagen, Denmark has put the locals in a great state of grief. In fact, the news has gotten out to other countries too.

Visitors in the Tivoli Friheden park in Aarhus who came with their families to have a good time were stuck with a great shock and trauma when an incident overshadowed all the happy moments happening around.

The tragedy happened with a rollercoaster ride when the rea part of the train or the rear two seats broke away from the rest of the train and were left hanging.

Accident explained:

It was just another normal day and a routine rollercoaster ride in Trivoli Friheden Park in Copenhagen, Denmark when the rear seats broke away from the rest of the train in the middle of the ride.

A 14-year girl has been reported dead as a result of the incident while the police have also confirmed that a 13-year-old boy has suffered serious injury and broke his hand.

Their official statement is as follows,
“A 14-year-old girl from Copenhagen died on Thursday afternoon after a tragic accident at the Tivoli Friheden in Aarhus,”

The police have asked the witnesses to come up with what they know about the tragedy and if anyone has a recording of the incident.

CEO of Trivoli Friheden Park releases statement:

“It was the back part that broke off and was hanging under the rest of the train,”

“We have emptied the park and offered psychological help to the people who have been near it. Both staff, guests, and relatives,” added Henrik Ragborg Olesen.

However, the park management has been receiving criticism on social media and few people think it was a result of their criminal negligence as a similar accident happened back in 2008 as well on the same rollercoaster ride. It is safe to assume that there is some engineering fault in the ride by now.

Watch a 14-year-old girl killed in an amusement park in Denmark roller coaster accident in Aarhus Here.

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